6th May – Hot air balloon


Where is the hot air balloon?
What is about to happen?
Who is onboard?
How did the explosion happen?

Story Starter

Suddenly, there was an explosion onboard the air balloon...


Remember sentences should be 16-20 words long. They start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop. 

What types of sentences could you use in your writing?


A simple sentence has a subject and one verb:

The girl sprinted after the tiger.



A compound sentence is formed when you join two main clauses with a connective. In a compound sentence the clauses are linked by coordinating conjunctions / connectives (and, but, so, or). 

I like bananas and I like grapes.




Complex sentences can also be referred to as multi-clause sentences.

A complex sentence is formed when you join a main clause and a subordinate clause with a connective. A subordinate clause is one that relies on a main clause to make sense.




Use short sentences to create punch and make a point. Use phrases and even words as sentences. … Generally speaking, a short sentence works well at the start of a paragraph or speech item to grab attention, and at the end, to summarize and signal completion.





Start your sentence with an adverb to add interest.


Slowly breathing as he walked up the stairs, Todd glanced behind him.


Abruptly, Beautifully, Delightfully, Firmly, Lightly, Quickly, Wearily.



Start your sentence with a preposition. This needs to be written as a phrase with a comma following it.


On the other hand, Bobby likes strawberries. 


In, Between, Behind, Against, Before, Under, Within.


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